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article imageSystematic Subversion of Democracy's Core: Widespread Voting Scandals

By Thespian     May 23, 2007 in Politics
It's been happening for years. It's pervasive, deep, goes against the very first and most basic premise of democracy and is a concerted effort by many individuals and organizations.The story is election fraud, gaming the electoral system from the inside.
I know that many folks of different political leanings will disagree with this post. They will call it "partisan" and "political" and other divisive terms to try and negate the truth of the message.
I invite and encourage a lively political debate on the substance of the accusations made in this post. To the best of my knowledge, most of the claims made here have been substantiated quite thoroughly.
I'd be interested to hear the other side's point of view on how and why this series of events doesn't point to a consistent campaign to subvert the basic process of democracy:
Favors and promotions for those who go along. Demotions, firings and blacklisting of those who don’t. Nonexistent charges of voter fraud and threats or coercion for these charges to be investigated. Illegal redistricting. Petty lawsuits against the Voting Rights Act. Voter ID laws that border on illegal, if not overtly illegal. Conflict of interest between party "reelection officials" and Secretary(ies) of State.It goes back even further than this. Phone jamming in NH tied to Abramoff, the NH Republican Party and Tom DeLay. Redistricting in TX in between census periods and violations relating to the redistricting. Voting machines that were used even after they were decertified as unsafe. Willful acts to destroy and disqualify Democratic voter registration cards and applications – by the Secretary of State of the state that "swung" the 2004 election, by voter registration groups associated with the republican party. Thousands – tens of thousands purged from voter rolls in Georgia, Florida and other states.
None of this being investigated
This is much more than a case of "where there is smoke, there is fire." This is an ever-growing collection of verifiable, documented events which are not simply a he-said-she-said difference of opinion.
I do not believe there is some sort of unified, Illuminati-like cabal pulling the strings behind all of this. I do believe, however, there are a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals who happen to be working in concert, individually, for the common goal of subverting the core democratic process to keep their political party in power. I believe this has been ongoing, and wide-spread, and needs to be stopped.
Finally, I believe that is a moral duty for people of any political party to do all they can to stop such corrupt practices from continuing.
Verifiable voting is not a partisan issue, it's an American issue.
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