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PC World's Top 100 Best Products of 2007

By Chris V. Thangham     May 23, 2007 in Business
Google Apps is the No. 1 Product in PC World's Top 100 Best Products of 2007.
PC World’s annual ratings of products were released today. The products were rated by the readers as well as their technical staff and compared various web applications, computer processors, HDTV, game consoles etc and came up with the Top 100 Best Products of the year 2007.
PC World analyzed each product, rating its designs, impact, performance and value features and ranked it 1 to 100. The winner is Google Apps.
1. Google Apps Premier Edition (Web applications; $50 per user per year)
Google primarily used to be search only, and then it expanded into Google Doc’s & Spreadsheets. It wasn’t satisfied, it offered a whole set of suite similar to Microsoft Office for businesses, schools, websites, so that they can have better collaboration between the employees. This Google Apps has GMail, Google Talk (Chat), Google Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets, and other free software in one package. Google offers them free as well as for premium fee with customer service option. One major advantage is no need of programs necessary and all of them are available online and anywhere, making communication and file sharing across continents a simple process.
2. Intel Core 2 Duo (desktop CPU: $150 and up)
Intel Core 2 Duo brings super computing experience to basic computers. It may not be comparable to super computer yet, but still very fast compared to earlier desktops and best of all it is inexpensive. Intel is planning Quad and other higher Core combinations, the next generation computers will be blazing fast.
3. Nintendo Wii (game console; $250)
While everyone was expecting a huge fight between the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox and who will become the eventual winner, they forgot about the third guy Nintendo Wii, who took the winning honors with innovative design and plain fun. Everybody from a kid to grandparents is hooked to it. With motion sensitive control and fun games for all ages, it has become a huge success.
4. Verizon FiOS (Internet service; $40 per month and up)
Supplying enough bandwidth to offer IPTV plus Internet access at up to 30 megabits per second, fiber is the way of the future. We will see more of this Broadband connection in the near future. FiOS users on are very satisfied with the speed and service. I hope they boost broadband speeds more all across the nation, it is fast, but it could be many times faster. Korea has 100 megabits per seconds connection speed.
5. RIM Blackberry 8800 (smart phone; $350 with two-year contract)
RIM Blackberry has come back strong after a major lawsuit and damages payment. This is one nice Smartphone, it does a lot of things, phone, e-mail, productivity tools and GPS for one low cost.
6. Parallels Desktop (virtualization software; $80)
This was an innovative product from Apple, with this software the user can run Windows OS on Apple’s Intel based hardware. So they get the best of both worlds, only problem they get viruses from Windows also.
7. Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1(plasma HDTV; $8000)
Regular TVs will become obsolete in the next few years, and every household must convert their TV to HDTV. Initially they cost a fortune, now the prices are coming down. Among the HDTV, Pioneer Elite 1080p is chosen the favorite because of its unique high resolution Elite series plasma screen.
8. Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV (network-attached storage device; $900)
Great for backups or shared storage, Infrant's 1TB ReadyNAS performs well and includes helpful features such as uPNP support and a built-in print server.
9. Apple Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" (operating system; $129)
Quick: Name a good Vista feature that goes beyond what's in Tiger. Yeah, we can't either. The users and the tech experts say Tiger is a better operating system than Vista. I hope Steve Jobs gives us a Mac with comparable PC prices. Many will switch instantly. Till then it is out of reach for many.
10. Adobe Premiere Elements 3 (video-editing software; $99)
Like the rest of Adobe's Elements products, Premiere gives you just the video editing features you need at a reasonable price. I use the basic one it is good, very useful for site owners and web designers.
You can see the entire list of Top 100 Products here.
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