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Father's Ashes Dumped on Son's Lawn

By wiccania     May 23, 2007 in Health
A Florida man woke Monday morning to find his fathers ashes dumped on his lawn and the cedar box that contained them lying nearby.
Wayne C. Carraway speculates that someone saw the cedar box in his car and broke in assuming that it contained drugs. Nothing else in the vehicle was stolen.
Carraway had planned to scatter the ashes over his fathers favorite fishing spot, Fakahatchee Strand. He and his wife dug up grass retrieving the ashes and he still plans to scatter the ashes there.
The vehicle was broken into late Sunday or early Monday, and was vandalized.
I can't imagine what the thief thought when he found a bag of ashes in the box instead of narcotics or something of value. One can only hope the thief didn't attempt to snort any before realizing what the bag contained.
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