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article imageJangl Lets You Call Anyone with an Email Address

By Chris V. Thangham     May 23, 2007 in Internet
Jangle, a new VoIP for bloggers, call anyone free with an e-mail address.
Jangl, the VoIP widget provider, announced that it will connect users with its new “Call Anyone” feature that allows you to call anyone with an email address, from anywhere in the world.
Jangl, new VOIP service allows you to call anyone in the world with just an e-mail address. This service is unique in the sense, it won’t reveal your phone number, will give you an intermediary number to converse with others. Once you set up a free account with Jangle, it will assign you a phone number, anyone calls that number will be transferred to your phone via that Jangle number. This will be good for social networking sites where you don’t need to share your private number with everyone.
This is how it works:
1. To initiate a call, you enter the e-mail address of the person you want to talk to.
2. Jangle sends an e-mail about your interest in talking to them, if they are already a member, Jangle will send you the contact number to call. If not Jangle will request them to become a member of Jangle. They will be assigned a number to which you can call them.
3. When you call them you can leave a voice mail, which will be delivered via e-mail and then the recipient will get a number to return your initial call.
4. To get a call it works the same way, Jangle will give them your contact number, so you can either receive a voice mail or allow Jangle to forward the call to your main phone number (which is protected and not revealed to the caller).
Currently Jangle is available in 31 countries and will enable multiple phone support, so you can use any of your mobile, landline or VOIP phone to connect with others.
Jangle will also provide widgets by which you can enable in your blog or sites, so when they click, they have to follow the above process. You can post the widget in Blogger, MySpace, Hi5, Tagged, Piczo or TypePad blogs.
The Jangl 1.0 Service is free while in beta. If you’re calling from a mobile phone, you’ll be using mobile minutes as you normally would making any other call.
Jangl also provided a central place in their site for every member, where you can see what are the voicemail messages received, numbers and contacts information, so you can manage them better.
It is an excellent tool, you can use to communicate with your readers, so you can have a healthy communication. If you are a marketer or a researcher, you can use it to talk more about your products or ideas.
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