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article imageAT&T eager to wield its iWeapon, the iPhone

By Steve in the UK     May 22, 2007 in Technology
Rumors where going around that AT&T had the exclusive rights to distributor the upcoming Apple iPhone until the end of 2009. But USA Today have now reported that the exclusive deal is for five year. So if you want one your better be with AT&T.
Next months release of the iPhone should be one of the biggest impacts on the cell phone industry since, well, the phones stopped being the size of bricks.
One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is the fact that is will only be exclusively available though the AT&T network. A lot of people in the US where hoping that Apple would being out a CDMA compatible phone a year or so after launch, (the AT&T network uses GSM which is incompatible with CDMA) but that no longer looks to be the case as it has now been reported that Apple will be banned by the terms of they contract with AT&T from developing a CDMA version of the iPhone for 5 years, which in cell phone years means the iPhone will be well on its way to collecting it's pension before Verizon Wireless or Sprint customers get there hands on one.
Apple probably went with AT&T because they GSM is a global standard which means Apple would not have to develop a separate version of the iPhone to sell in other parts of the world.
The current market share for wireless communication in the USA are:
AT&T 27.1%
Verizon 26.3%
Sprint Nextel 23.6%
Others 11.9%
T-Mobile 11.1%
Source: Forrester Research
I would be interested to see at the end of this year now big a percentage of the market AT&T have due to they exclusive rights to the iPhone.
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