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Children bitten by "New" mattress sets

By patxxoo     May 22, 2007 in Business
Marsha Diaz got more than she bargained for when she bought "new" mattress sets from Junior Furniture warehouse in Hialeah, Fl.
The bedbugs were free of charge.
Marsha bought new beds for her three sons through the company. Got them home set them up and all was well, at least she thought it was.
Then her sons started waking up with rash-like bites all over them. Doctors visits and medications soon followed along with a closer inspection of their "new" beds.
What was found was shocking to say the least. The mattresses were still in the plastic they came in and looking through it you can clearly see bugs. Bedbugs that is, crawling along the wood frame and seemingly through the seams of the material. Bedbugs live off of blood of humans and other warm blooded hosts.
The boys are embarrassed over the bites and have went through being teased and made fun of.
"They don't want to touch me because they thought it was chickenpox,” one of the children said.
Marsha tried to return the sets but the store owner would only agree to exchange one of them. Saying that she was sold brand new sets and they were insect-free.
An obviously angry and upset mother, Marsha decided to have the mattresses taken outside to see just where the bugs keep coming from. A razor knife was used to open one of them up and found just a few layers down is an old stained mattress.
This is an example of a new mattress ? I don't think so.
When the company was contacted they again said they sold new mattresses and they just want to run their family business in peace.
Well they won't be left in peace until Marsha has her say in court. She is suing them for the mattresses, doctors bills and also for the medications she had to purchase for her sons.
Diaz said this business needs to be shut down, because she doesn’t want any more children to go through what hers have.
What Marsha has yet taken into account is the fact that her home is likely also now infested as they are difficult to get rid of unless done by a professional and 68% of all infestations require three or possibly more treatments to get rid of them. That is just the actual treatment, this does not include the headache of the pre-treatment, packing of items, or all the laundry, she will have to do before she just might have gotten rid of them.
So be wary when buying from smaller warehouse types, what your buying may not be quite as new as your told.
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