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Eye-eating bacteria blinds girl

By Thespian     May 21, 2007 in Health
A British Columbia teenager's dream trip to Africa turned into a nightmare when bacteria began eating her eyes.
Trasey Plouffe, 18, lost her sight three weeks ago and nearly had to have her right eye removed after bacteria destroyed both her corneas.
Warning for the squeamish, you may not want to read the linked article.
A young British Columbia girl went on vacation and contracted a bacteriological infection, which literally ate her eyes and took her sight. The story has a relatively happy ending, in that she made it home and cornea transplants have restored some of her vision.
To have such a thing happen is bad enough, but imagine what it must have been like to go blind while traveling in a foreign country where the first doctor she saw didn't even share a common language.
The bacteria was later identified by doctors as pseudomonas aeruginosa -- an opportunistic pathogen that takes advantage of breaks in the body's defenses.
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