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If you hate John Cena, don't watch WWE Raw

By n8itude     May 21, 2007 in Entertainment
"Almost no one thought he could do it, but somehow, John Cena overcame the odds in the main event at Judgment Day." Replace the name of the ppv and you have the exact same summary for every WWE event in the past 3 years. Time to stop it. I've Cena Nuff.
Seriously, if you really have had enough with the uncanny same old crap theory that WWE and more specifically Raw puts out with Cena not just winning, but ALWAYS winning with impossible odds stacked against him. Then stop watching RAW, maybe even WWE altogether. Stop your girlfriends, nephews, nieces, kids, casual friends from watching or buying any Cena merchandise.
The only reason he is still the champ is because of the apparent overwhelming bottom line indicating he is still selling.
I'm not entirely sure what the second "W" in the dictatorship regime of WWE actually stands for. It can't be "Wrestling".
The prodigal daughter and heir-in-law Stephanie McMahon and Paul 'Triple H' Levesque are in charge and it's a disgrace. It feels like 90s WCW all over again. The company is run by politricks. The lack of creativity, lack of vision and ego is like a poison in the company. That's the real nWo of WWE.
Ironically, the company that leveled the entire competition and BUILT the industry based on imagination and ground breaking actions has been reduced to the tired old retread, recycle, rehash syndrome.
It doesn't even matter that John Cena has barely any wrestling skills, or has done the exact same moves for the better part of three years. If WWE ever attempted to detract naysayers in the question that wrestling is real and not choreographed, the argument would be shot to hell when anyone who has never even seen wrestling could watch 3 matches and simply predict the exact routine from the entrance to the STFU win.
The surprise, shock and fun has gone. Why would i wnat to watch anymore. If I wanted to know what happened on Raw this week, I could watch a Youtube clip from 2 years ago, 4 months or ago or hell next week. It's the same old sh*t.
It's pretty obvious they are building Cena into the "next Hogan / Austin" but even those guys lost! I mean why would I ever feel anything for the guy who always wins? Captain America lost his war, he died. Spiderman and Superman have lost. The rise back up is the fun. Austin, Hogan, Rock, Bruno Samartino, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Sting, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Undertaker all of these legends have faced adversity and actually lost and changed and adapted and here's the thing .. GROWN from it.
Cena is the EXACT same character he was since he shat on the heritage of the US belt and introduced us to gaudy spinner belts nearly 4 years ago!
This is where I will bring it back to the evil Steph & Triple H circle. Triple H is the new Roger Clemens. I wouldn't be suprised if he comes in riding a white horse, guns ablazing to "save the wwe". Triple H will get his cheers from the fan boys who are moving (or moved already) to TNA and one for the days of Austin vs Rock or Benoit vs Guerrero. Yes I'm one of them.
The only dilemma I face is ... should I cheer for him? Afterall, it's HIM who put Cena there. He's the one who claims the responsibility for his reign more than anyone. He's the one who has c*ck blocked Edge from the long Main Event mega-superstardom he deserves. Does anyone remember who was the guy who had a mega long reign of doom that everyone hated on, before Cena? Oh yeah. Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
The only way I can think of to change the entire run is to STOP buying Cena, DX, HBK or Triple H merchandise. I know HBK gets a boycott simply by association, but who cares you should probably have all the Shawn Michaels merchandise you've ever wanted by now... and he's already off TV too.
Don't watch the Raw main events. Don't watch the first 30 minutes either. If you have to watch Raw at all, then start at 9:45 and end at 10:30. Only watch the segment featuring the stars you like. I'm assuming most Cena haters are gearing for Randy Orton, Flair, Carlito, Shelton, Hardyz. Stick with those guys or just watch Smackdown or hell watch wwECW! Now that would be a message. Unless you also hate Lashley simply because you can tell he's being blatantly pushed.
Yeah I'm done. Screw Raw, watch Heroes instead and then NBA & NHL Playoffs.
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