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Jeanne Rogers Could Say She Has A "Jellyfish Bad Day" Life!

By Laura Trowbridge     May 21, 2007 in Lifestyle
One woman in Maine has been the victim of so many bad days and accidents it is hard to believe she is still alive and in a good humor. She thinks she has an angel on her shoulder looking after her and keeping her alive.
In an awesome article by Cruiseroo last month, a "jellyfish bad day" was explained.
This poor woman, Jeanne Rogers, is having a jellyfish life! I really don't think I would want to be anywhere near the woman in case her bad luck rubbed off on me in some way!
When she was just 18 she was on a cruise with her friend to Martha's Vineyard. Luckily she was wearing a life preserver when she fell overboard.
When her friend ran to get help, she slipped and fell, knocking herself unconscious. Rogers was still holding her life preserver when her friend came to and finally got the boat to turn around and rescue Rogers out of the cold waters.
Jeanne Rogers sports a mass of thick, curly hair on her head. She had a bat get caught in it while she was out delivering cosmetics door-to-door.
"Frantic, Rogers went from house to house to find a man who would remove the bat. Instead, doors were opened by women who screamed when they saw the bat. Each time they screamed, the frightened bat dug its claws into her scalp and urinated, bringing tears to Rogers’ eyes. Help came when an acquaintance who had just returned from grocery shopping thrust her car keys at Rogers so that Rogers could use her car."
She drove to a veterinarian who was able to smoke the bat out, but she lost a good amount of her hair when the animal had to be cut out of it.
She has been struck by lightening twice. The first time was quite horrific. "It blew off both shoes, burned a hole larger than a quarter through her right ankle and melted her pantyhose into her flesh, she recalled. The blow to her foot damaged the nerves, making it unbearable to have it covered, Rogers said."
A couple years after this lightening strike, she was struck again through a metal bracelet she was wearing on her arm.
She has been mugged; she has fallen into a manhole; she was shot at while out horseback riding; her own husband tried to choke her to death.
On a lighter note, one time she happened to be swimming in the same pool as Fred Rogers, of Mister Roger's Neighborhood fame. There was a page announced for "Rogers" over the intercom and both Rogers were scrambling to get out of the pool at the same time. Jeanne inadvertently pulled a cord on Fred's swim trunks, exposing his manhood for all to see.
Jeanne is convinced there is a purpose for her life and that is why she keeps escaping all of these disasters with her life. She has not figured out what her purpose is yet though."Dying doesn’t scare me, but living scares the crap out of me," Rogers said.
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