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article imageFish Who Eat Apples Have The Healthiest Kids Around - Or So It Would Seem

By Michelle Duffy     May 21, 2007 in Health
Apples and fish are good for us, they keep the doctor away for starters, but did you know that for pregnant mothers, their babies can benefit even more than first thought
Studies now show that apples are the food that gives a new life, a part of the healthy start it needs according to The University of Aberdeen.
The study took 2,000 fairly average mums to be and watched their every day eating habits closely during their pregnancies. The project then carried on that same study and looked at the health of the growing children up to the age of UK school entrance age (five years old) and the results were carefully noted.
The study showed, naturally, the effects of mums eating habits on their children. We already now that what we eat is what we are. As mums to be, naturally what we eat then, will effect our children's health, yet what the study was not prepared for was the benefits of the pregnant mothers eating apples.
The study showed that mothers who ate apples were less likely to give birth to children who suffered asthma. Those who ate almost an apple a day where only half as likely to have a child who developed asthma than a mum who ate less than one a week.
Of course, we are aware that such an ailment which, most of the time, develops in childhood also goes hand in hand with another similar complaint, eczema.
Here, the result showed the researchers that mums who ate fish during pregnancy on a regular basis during the week were less likely to have a child who developed the skin condition. All these results were handed over to the American Thoracic Society to help with their own research.
What has puzzled the study team is exactly what it is about apples and fish that helps reduce the chances of developing these conditions in the first place.
The connection would appear to also have a significant improvement on adults too. It has been also found that grown ups who eat apples are more likely to have healthier lungs and this may be down to the antioxidant properties that are found in the fruit. Oily fish, we have found recently contain those ever so important Omega-3 oils which appear to be good for just about anyone and everyone at any age, so to see fish being good for something else, if just another thought in our scaly friend's favour.
Dr Graham Devereux, was one of the main researchers in the study. He said,
"There may well be another factor in the lifestyles of women who eat lots of apples that is influencing this result. But it is certainly a clear association, and it is certainly less controversial to encourage women to eat more fruit during pregnancy rather than to take extra vitamins."
Either way, it is just another signal from our own bodies that if we want to produce healthier children, we have to start with a healthy diet ourselves....
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