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article imageOn Yer Hydrogen Bike

By Steve in the UK     May 20, 2007 in Environment
UK-based Valeswood Environmental Technology Development (VETD) have developed a new Hydrogen powered fuel cell that they have fitted to a electric bike.
If you fancy the idea of going on a long bike ride in the country, but the though of all that pedaling is putting you off and you have a spare UkĀ£700 (US$1,400) then this hyrdogen power bike by (VETD) may be the answer. Just don't plan on going more than 60 miles (96 km) though, which for the average person is still a pretty long way to go sat on a bike. The lightweight hydrogen fuel cells are stored behind the seat and hold 40 liters of hydrogen in a rechargeable system that uses the cheaper metal hydride based system and a power unit called Hydrocell, which can be refilled at some petrol stations.
These Hydrocell's can also run on the greener environmentally friendly hydrogen that is now coming to the market, and as will all hydrogen systems the only waste output is water vapor, although VETD hasn't said if you could collect that waste vapor to drink on your now not so short journey.
The Hydrocell is said to work well at room temperature, but have not said how it will work in either the cold of winter, in the UK also read, Spring, Autumn and most of the Summer, or in the 2 or 3 weeks during the summer when the weather gets to around 40 degree C.
I like this system and hope that they came get the price down even cheaper over the next couple of years as this may help more people in larger cities to use they cars less.
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