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article imageLearning from bananas - a management lesson

By Chris V. Thangham     May 19, 2007 in Business
Is there a connection between bananas and management? Seth Godin says there is.
I read Seth Godin’s blog regularly; he gives nice tips about marketing and management. Many of his lessons are applicable to real life also. His articles are very succinct and to the point, I like reading such articles.
I saw this article from Seth Godin “Learning from Bananas”, which I was surprised to see this title. I asked two questions, first what else he can teach new about banana. which we already know from parents and second why does he write about Bananas in his marketing blog?, what is the relevance of bananas to marketing or management?
His answers as usual were very simple.
To answer the first part, he said it is a whole lot easier to peel a banana if one starts from the “wrong end”.
One doesn’t have to use their teeth to peel the banana from the wrong end; it is actually the easier way than peeling from the top.
Since I wasn’t happy just reading it, I wanted to try and he is absolutely right, it is easy to peel a banana from the wrong end. When the banana is unripe, then you will see how big a difference it is.
But Seth said he won’t peel from the wrong end, because he feels he may look odd among others and will peel the hard way. He feels it is the right thing to do.
And thus he answers second question, selling change is also hard, even though by this banana example proved it, that it is easier to peel from the other side; some will still do the old fashioned way. Change is hard to sell, but if you are convinced about your new stuff then you will keep repeating (maybe a demonstration) until it sells.
Did you know about this banana peeling method before? Will you follow if it is easy in the future?
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