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article imageA Vision Of The Fight Against Female Breast Cancer Is Here: Treatment Without The Chemotherapy

By Michelle Duffy     May 18, 2007 in Health
A drug worthy of it's success for other cancers could hold the key to breast cancer patients avoiding the debilitating chemotherapy completely
In recent news reports, we have learn that by taking an extra drug whilst suffering from breast cancer can help stop the growth of particular tumours. The drug used for diabetics can 'block' this particular enzyme which is the basis of breast cancer tumours. Yet it would only be effective if taken along side other cancer treatments and medication. Now, it appears that another drug can offer the best news of all in the fight against this type of cancer - treatment without the chemotherapy.
A certain drug called Zoladex is used to stop the female hormone which is reported to be behind the beginnings of certain tumours in the female body. However, what scientists have discovered so far is that this drug can be administered alone and the effects are used as successful as a course of chemotherapy sessions.
In breast cancer, the cancerous cells are triggered off by the action of certain female hormones. When they are particularly active, they can produce these cells thus creating tumours. If the action of a certain luteinising hormone can be halted, the cancer can be stopped from spreading. With this treatment, the female hormone, oestrogen can be stimulated to act faster, meaning tumours won't grow.
Chemotherapy is the treatment most widely used on cancer patients. It is effective and can cure people, but, the big downside to this treatment is the dramatic side effects. Weight loss, weakness generally and above all, hair loss are the major effects that patients have to suffer. It has been vital to keep patients alive, yet it is the point of the illness that can lead to the very pit of a living Hell.
Until now, women have had to suffer with these conditions and they have led patients to the very brink of depression, yet with this drug, all these uncomfortable and painful symptoms could be a thing of the passed.
So far, there are four London cancer centres who have praised the drug used on it's own in this particular way. The effects on younger women suffering from the cancer will be greater in most cases.
Behind the revelation has been Cancer Research UK, the Wolfson Institute for Preventive Medicine and Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry. They had all found that does undoubtedly work as well as chemotherapy in premenopausal women. This also heralded good news in the fight to stop the cancer coming back. When the LHRH agonists (the drug) was given along side other medicines for the cancer, the cancer only returned in 13% of patients taking it.
However, it meant that the agonists were only truly as effective as chemotherapy where the tumour treated had been proven sensitive to the female hormone, oestrogen.
From the UK fighting campaign, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Dr Sarah Cant said of the study,
"Women tell us that they like to have treatment choice and this could be another option for some younger women with hormone positive breast cancer. We encourage anyone wanting to find out more to speak to their doctor."
It means many young women's lives are far from over when diagnosed with breast cancer. They will also find that this new treatment will not affect their fertility and the chance to regain life and live again is an even more certain and achievable goal....
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