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article imageShould We Legalize Prostitution?

By FinalDoc     May 17, 2007 in Lifestyle
The world first profession maybe getting a public image change. Over 3000 Internet voter gave surprising answers when asked weather or not to legalize prostitution. A little more then 10% still object to legalizing prostitution.
Here's the results of a recent survey:
* 20% (591 votes) said that it’s a Puritanical law that belongs in the 1600’s - along with witch burnings.
* 53% (1525 votes) said that prostitution is here to stay. Let’s make it safer by regulating it, like we do other professions.
* 13% (382 votes) don’t like it personally, but said the government has no business in their sex life.
* 11% (328 votes) are against it for moral / religious reasons, stating it’ll be the end of moral values and decency.
Almost 90% are in favor of of responding readers believe prostitution should be legalized! Slightly over 10% think legalizing prostitution will lead to an end of moral values and decency! The poll was not scientific but opinions run strong. I find it hard to believe that any society as ever fallen because prostitution was legal. Nevada is as moral, if not more so, as any other state and it has legal prostitution. To be honest what is polygamy but gussied up prostitution! Leave to the Mormons to figure a way out of moral dilemmas.
We would all be better off and save a lot of dollars if resources were not wasted trying to put women in jail for providing a natural service to men (and women). In past times a woman earned her dowry through temple sanctioned prostitution. The larger the dowry the better the wife. Back then no one wanted to marry a virgin!
Legalizing prostitution would provide a safer environment for women and men who provide the service and ALL those who want to indulge in one of life's pleasures for a fee.
What's your opinion?
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