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article imageGALLUP: In Shocking Plunge, Only 1 in 4 Now Satisfied With State of USA

By Chris V. Thangham     May 17, 2007 in Politics
Gallup Poll shows only 25% are satisfied with the current state of the US.
A Gallup’s Poll of 1,003 adults in the US was taken on May 10-13, shows a troubling trend. Gallup reports today a sudden plunge in its regular "satisfaction" index. Only 25% of Americans now say they satisfied with the state of their country -- down 8% in just one month -- and one of the lowest ever measured.
Gallup said the current 25% satisfactory level is very low based on previous history of polling. In general the Americans are satisfied with conditions in the country is 43%.
Here is the graph over the year:
There are number of reasons for these low percentages, the main one is the Iraq war. But the skyrocketing Gas prices are not the main problem cited by the participants. Other issues that are mentioned frequently are immigration (11%), healthcare (8%), terrorism (7%), and dissatisfaction with government (7%). Check here for other important factors, most seem to linger for a long time with no end in sight.
The poll is skewed based on political affiliations, 45% of Republicans say they are satisfied overall, but only 12% of Democrats are satisfied. The satisfaction fell more among Democrats for the same period, probably unhappy with the party’s actions or inactions in Congress.
We all know the morale is low because of Iraq War and politics here, but no one could have ever imagined this low percentage of 25% satisfaction rate.
Will the next President be able to solve the current overall mess? I have doubts with existing set of candidates who don’t have any clear plans or explanation except Ron Paul, but since the media are not favoring him much he won’t be able to go much further. I hope his volunteers prove them wrong. I think the Voters should put the foot down and say enough is enough to these politicians and elect only those who will help the country the most.
Are you satisfied with your country?
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