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article imageMan Sells Neighbor's Dog At Yard Sale

By Chris V. Thangham     May 17, 2007 in Crime
A man sells a neighbor's dog, a Dachshund puppy for $15 dollars in a yard sale.
Dachshund puppies can cost as much as $200, but last Saturday, a couple got a good deal when they bought one for 15 bucks at a yard sale.
The dog doesn't belong to the seller, John Johns, rather his neighbor Ann Loveless.
Ann Loveless, owner of the Dachshund puppy, loves her puppy so much she treats her puppy “Kringle” more like a child than pet. She said about the dog: "When I took a shower, he took a shower. When I go to bed, he goes to bed. When I get up, he gets up. He's more than just a dog. He is my companion and I love him."
One day Kringle ran out of Ann’s house and disappeared into the streets. So Ann started to go search for her dog in the neighborhood. As she was searching, she saw a yard sale at a home a block away and asked John Johns (her neighbor) whether he had seen a dog nearby. He said he saw her dog, but doesn’t know where he is now.
Loveless didn’t believe his story, so she called the police. Officer Todd Winesburg went to the neighbor’s house and interrogated John. And nothing came out of the officer’s questions, John apparently lied, since there was no evidence, the officer had to leave the place. So, Ann had to search for the dog again.
The next day, John called Ann and confessed that he sold Kringle in a Yard sale for $15 dollars. Debra, John’s wife explained to Ann that she saw the dog left it in the backyard and she went to shower. By the time she returned her husband apparently upset with the dog for something it did in the backyard sold the dog in the yard sale.
Debra Johns later found out and she told him that what he did was wrong. So he called Ann and left a message. John wanted to pay for the dog. But Loveless knows their living condition realizes they can’t afford to pay for her dog, all she wants her missing dog back. So she is not pressing charges against her neighbor.
Both Debra and John are helping Ann find her dog, so they are putting the flyers all around the neighborhood; I hope the lady who purchased the dog would be kind enough to return the dog. Loveless is offering $200 reward even for Kringle’s safe return.
Ann has left a phone number to call if anyone finds the missing dog.
Love thy Neighbor is becoming sell thy neighbor's. I hope she gets her dog back soon.
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