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article imageOp/Ed I know The Face Of Satan

By RobotGod     May 17, 2007 in World
This is a response to GotTheScoop's article, "Who Is Satan?"
It can be found here.
You all know who Satan is. We have all seen him. Evil has many faces.
He is each and every face of the child molester. He is the one who sets homeless people on fire. He is the cop who takes pleasure in beating or killing a suspect.
He is that part of someone who sees a starving child and says let them starve. The hunter who kills animals purely for sport and takes joy and great pride in it.
His many faces are on the front page of DJ and the news everyday and night.
He is 6 million jews led to slaughter. And he is all of those who never raised a voice. Only watched.
Evil is any soul who could rape and kill.
He is the worst part of human nature.
And it is a choice. You can choose darkness or light.
We are God-like...And we can be evil.
We can be at our worst when we commit evil in the name of God. The crusades, as an example.
Each one of us has a choice.
Are there any outside forces at work? I think there are. But largely, the evil that men do, is done solely by men.
We always have a choice.
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