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article imageHong Kong Post Office Eyes Bible Ban

By John Rickman     May 16, 2007 in World
Responding to complaints from angry patrons the Hong Kong post office is considering whether or not to place restrictions on the mailing of a controversial book.
In the well known novel and movie “A Clockwork Orange” the hero, murder, rapist and all round sociopath “Little Alex” is sent to prison for his crimes but was able to earn a early release, in part, owing to his constant reading of the Bible. As Alex points out his main interest in the book stems from its many scenes of murder, rape and torture.
In an eerie echo of this confession a sex column in a university student journal has prompted more than 800 complaints from Hong Kong residents seeking to have the postal authorities reclassify the Bible as “indecent” due to its sexual and violent content.
Among the incidents that prompted the complaints such scenes as:
• A woman nails a man’s head to the ground with a tent peg while he sleeps
• A father turns his virgin daughter over to a mob who rapes her to death
• The body of a woman is cut up by her family and pieces are sent to her relatives.
• Numerous scenes of mass murder and rape
• Infanticide on God’s orders
• Sex slaves
• Mass murder of members of other religions
• Murder of nonbelievers
• Judicial killing of people who work on the Sabbath
• Wholesale destruction of cities
• Slavery
• Human sacrifice
If the ban passes Bible would have to be sold with adult warning labels and only offered in plain brown wrappers.
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