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The Big "O" in Yoga Revealed

By Leah     May 16, 2007 in Lifestyle
The better sex workout. Find out the real reason for the "O" in yoga!
I personally have tried yoga, and I can see where it can be better for sex. The muscles you use, and the way you move your body, it is pretty sensual.
In this article they are saying you would have better sex if you were a loose woman. LOL Loose meaning limber, flexible, that loose meaning! With you being more "loose", you can just let it go while having sex. Different positions aren't so bad after all if you can be more limber.
There are five other reason one should do yoga.....
1. It Helps You Flow - Yoga increases your blood flow. There is a position called the "eagle pose", and what it does is makes all your blood rush to your privates, and literally makes you "hot"! Now imagine that while having sex, and you got one great orgasm!
2. It Makes You Stronger Down Below - It gives you stronger contractions and releases, that can help you experience a more intense orgasm.
3. It Breeds Confidence - LOL....I won't comment on this one!
4. It Eases Pain - Hip and thigh tightness is common is women, especially runners. This can help ease the pain and tension, and make it more easier to do more sexual positions.
5. It Gives You Mojo - Ok, I hate that word "Mojo", but I couldn't come up with another. Anyhow, it just in return will make you a much more happier in tune with yourself person! Now, let's all get to a Yoga class!!!
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