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article imageWindows Vista sells 40M licenses in 100 days

By Chris V. Thangham     May 16, 2007 in Business
Vista owns the OS Market, sells 40 Million software licenses in just 100 days.
Microsoft has sold nearly 40 million Windows Vista licenses in the first 100 days that the latest version of the operating system has been available, Chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday.
Bill Gates is extremely proud of this news said the new Vista is the fastest selling OS in history. Thanks to digital lifestyle of users, blogging, networking, etc., has made them to buy Vista in large numbers with premium editions of Vista accounting for 78 percent of the total Vista OS sales.
Windows operating system runs on 95% of the World’s computers, while Apple and Linux are slowly trying to garner more market share.
Vista was introduced on January 30; initially it was criticized heavily by many but still commands a huge sale. One reason could be the PCs are already preloaded with Vista and there are no other main competitor that releases the OS along with the PCs. Everybody is going with what they use in the past.
During a speech in Los Angeles, Gates said the company named its next-generation Windows Server software -- formerly known as "Longhorn" -- Windows Server 2008.
Windows Server is the server operating system equivalent to the Vista PC operating system, will have many of the Vista features with better security. Microsoft controls an estimated two thirds of the global server software in 2006. It will release the new version in the second half of 2007.
Since many homes use multiple computers at home, Microsoft plans to release a Windows Home Server edition via Gateway, Lacie and Median. This will enable the home users to centralize their software, share and protect digital content, so there won’t be any need of downloading the same software on multiple computers.
The company also said three new hardware manufacturers -- Gateway (down $0.05 to $1.78, Charts), Lacie (Charts) and Medion (Charts) -- plan to build products for Windows Home Server.
Good news for Microsoft, will this success allow Gates to lower prices for Vista and other software?
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