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"Heroes" gets a spin-off series

By RobotGod     May 14, 2007 in Entertainment
To satiate fans during hiatus, NBC has put "Heroes: Origins" into production. The 6 episode series will center on characters who won't be in the regular show and viewers will be able to go online to pick who should be in the regular "Heroes" show.
On one hand, we will get more of some characters. On the other, this could be real crap.
I am however glad to see more America networks doing things out of the box. In the UK they have limited series all the time, with 6 episodes, or 8 or whatever.
It is the best show aside from Lost, but I have to admit, these last few episodes of the season have been a bit lackluster at times, with Hiro being the only saving grace.
Like any show, it all hinges on good writing. It will be interesting to watch.
Just please...No more Mohinder Suresh. I can not describe how boring and useless that character is.
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