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Natalie Portman video blogs for FINCA Charity Campaign

By Chris V. Thangham     May 14, 2007 in Entertainment
Natalie Portman does a video blog of FINCA charity campaign effort in Mexico.
Is Natalie Portman the next LonelyGirl? The actress is getting into the video blogging business, having posted her first video diary from her travels as an "Ambassador of Hope" for FINCA, the Foundation for International Community Assistance.
Actress Natalie Portman is doing lots of charities in Africa and other countries, and she wants to do more and spread the message via Videos on the web for FINCA organization. Here in this video, she along with two loan officers for FINCA drive in Mexico to visit a FINCA Village Bank and see how their micro loans to the people are helping the local women start new businesses.
Natalie Portman is active in FINCA’s Village Banking Campaign, which aims to help more than one million of the world’s lowest income families a year by 2010. This is not the first time she is visiting other countries for FINCA, she has been working with them for the last four years and has traveled to Uganda, Guatemala and Ecuador.
She said about one of her experiences to Uganda, where she met a woman with 10 children and her husband kicked her out. So the Uganda woman had to maintain her family with less than 80 cents a day. FINCA gave her a loan 11 years ago, because of that the woman now owns a big restaurant and is able to send her daughter to a University and also employs seven other women in her village. Natalie Portman is very proud of this FINCA campaign and said this shows how life can turn around in one generation with just a little help.
Hockeygirl also wrote another excellent article about Natalie Portman’s charity efforts here.
Portman is a terrific actress and is a model example for others to follow.
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