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"Dark Horse" Republican now tied with Obama

By Michael J Wagner     May 13, 2007 in Politics
Prior to last week's Republican Presidential debate few Americans knew how Ron Paul was. Now he's tied with Barack Obama in terms of website traffic.
As soon as the American people got a look at Ron Paul in last week's debate they responded. His poll numbers shot up. MSNBC, one of the sponsors of the debate had a poll on their website that showed Ron Paul in last place before the debate and in first place after.
Now Alexa, the website traffic tracker has shown that traffic to Ron Paul's website is now slightly above Barack Obama's, and well ahead of all the other Democratic candidates.
It seems that the major media blackout of Ron Paul's campaign has been a boon for him. Many Americans are hearing about Ron Paul for the first time as the discussion of the media blackout spreads over the internet. Once they visit his website and learn what he stands for they respond. His YouTube page is the number 1 political page in all of YouTube, his name is the number 1 search string on Technorati and his list of MySpace surpasses all the other Republican candidates.
It appears that the Ron Paul Revolution is starting.
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