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article imageMove Up Children, There's Not Enough Room For Everyone!

By Michelle Duffy     May 11, 2007 in World
Could this be a sign of our schools becoming inadequate? Children are now being taught in a new kind of classroom, and it's called the corridor
In the very South of England in the picturesque county of West Sussex, a Primary school is having to teach it's children in the corridors as the rooms are no longer big enough for the class.
At West Green Primary School, in Crawley, teachers are now using the lengthy and yet, very drafty corridors as classrooms due to the increasing amount of children attending the school.
Yet it is not because of a local baby boom that the school is finding itself over run with pupils of a similar age. It's because after the education system changed a couple of years back, it meant that primary schools, such as this one in West Sussex have had to take on older children. Such Primary schools now have children up to Year Seven which is for 12 year olds.
The little building needs an emergency extension as the maximum number of classrooms is only six in the entire school. Plans have been drawn up to extend but for now, the pupils and their education will have to suffer.
The school currently has two year groups in one classroom.
One angry mother, Tracey Coleman, says her son has to learn with 39 other children in his class. She told BBC News,
"Because the class is so big some of the children have to be taught in the corridors."
Ms Coleman had said that even though the teachers have used their own brains and decided to utilise the corridors in a bid to make an effort to keep the school functioning as well as can be expected, they still are missing a library and any decent space to use school computers in. She added,
"You expect every school to have these facilities... we want what every other child in West Sussex has got."
The local council have already predicted that the school's total number of pupils will reach 180 by the beginning of the next school year starting in September. So far the school educates 172 at present.
A mobile classroom will be brought in for the Autumn term to start in five months time.
It is touching to see a school will go to lengths to educate the children in the area as sufficiently as possible, yet in the UK, we pay vast amounts each month in Council Tax which go towards not just rubbish collections and emergency services but education as well.
We could predict that there will be children coming into this school in September with even more concerned parents behind them wondering where their money has gone if this is the best start the local authorities can offer.
As well as this thought, how about one of fire regulations? Surely taking classes into the corridor presents a fire risk?
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