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By patxxoo     May 11, 2007 in Environment
A follow up on the grey wolf found under a deck by a Mr Mike Olson while he was repairing his father's deck. Questions were raised as to why the wolf didn't attack? Why the wolf had to be killed? Just what was the state of the health for this poor animal?
After trying unsuccessfully to take the animal alive it was put down due to the risks to humans and other animals alike.
The body was put into cold storage at the city's animal impoundment area. Soon after, the Department of Natural Resources picked up the body to examine. He was found to be either a gray wolf or a wolf-dog hybrid, only genetic testing will be able to tell for sure if he was a pure strain wolf or not.
The animal was found to be infected with a highly contagious case of sarcoptic mange that is caused by mites. With an obvious strong smell that indicated the he had stopped grooming himself.
It is believed that he crawled under the deck because he wouldn't have lived much longer in his condition and to isolate himself from the rest of the pack as wolves that are diseased are known to do.
“It could have been delirious.”
This incident was the first time a wolf has been documented in the city limits,
and it's behavior was not normal for a wolf.
Doug Franke, area wildlife manager for the DNR said that the officers who responded at the scene were correct in killing the animal. They were criticized for not tranquilizing it but these officers did not have this equipment.
“It's kind of a complicated process because of the drugs,” Franke said. “They have to be certified, and the drugs have to be put in a special cabinet. The fact that we rarely are called to use it, we just never felt that we needed it.”
“An animal in that state would have been euthanized, period,” Franke said. “These are animals we need to show compassion for, but we take human life first and the animal second. In this situation, there was no other outcome."
The animal will be transferred to the wildlife research center located in Grand Rapids, MN. for further tests.
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