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Corpse stuffed under wooden walkway

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 10, 2007 in Crime
A body was found under a boardwalk in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia by a man collecting cans.
Colin Brown was doing his usual walk along the Burnside Trails park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He goes there a few times a week to collect cans and returns them for money.
Wednesday around 4:30 pm he was walking the trail and he bent down to pick up a can when he came across a body lying under the boardwalk. He first thought it might be someone hiding or sleeping but when the body did not move he decided to call 911.
He said the man was lying on his back, one hand raised above his head and just had pants on, no shirt. He said he could see "wound in their abdomen area" caused "possibly by a knife," and a black garbage bag covered the "upper torso" and head.
He said the body did not look like it was there long, there were a few flies around it. He also said it looked like someone tried to hide the body.
He said the only person he seen in the park earlier was one woman in her car eating.
Mr. Brown was allowed to leave around 6 pm after police taped off the area and finished questioning him.
Police spokeswoman Theresa Brien said It appeared the body of the white male had been there for "a few days" but investigators couldn’t yet say for sure. "We are currently treating this as suspicious until we can classify the death."
The body will be removed today and an autopsy conducted.
The most recent missing person reported was January 2, 2006. So if the body was just there a few days, it does not seem like it would be this person.
Hopefully they can find out who he is so his family can be notified and not have to keep worrying and wondering. But if no body reported anyone missing recently, I doubt anyone noticed he was missing, which is quite sad.
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