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Older people becoming the high risk group for STD's

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 10, 2007 in Health
The numbers are growing among the ages of 45 to 50 for people contracting STD's making them the new high risk group.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in 2005 people over the age of 40 tested positive for an STD such as HIV more so than those in their 20's. In fact the numbers doubled.
HIV is increasing faster among the older people, especially women. It is now being said by Health care educators that it is time for a refresher sex education class for seniors.
Hepatitis B is on the rise as well among 40 and older. Before the late 90's, Hepatitis B was seen more in those age groups of 20 to 30ish. Since then it is seen more in the 40 and over group.
One mother and grandmother, Jane Fowler, who is almost 50,said "After my divorce I gave little thought, no thought to STD's" Why? Because she was divorced and back to dating. She had very few sexual partners and knew them well. She knew she could not get pregnant, so she did not even think of using a condom.
She said she went for a routine blood test and learned she had HIV. She wishes now she had been more educated regarding this. Her life is now changed forever.
Condom use among this age group is at a low. They just do not think about it.
But with more seniors using Viagra now and able to have an active sex life, they need to start practicing safe sex just like younger adults and teens are taught.
Rita Strombeck, president of HealthCare Education Associates said "There needs to be some kind of warning," "It should be part of every online dating service."
I have to say, I am so glad I am not on the dating scene. I have girlfriends who are now single and back on the dating scene and they have said it is not fun. You just never know who you are with.
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