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article imageYou mean you remembered?

By Leah     May 9, 2007 in Lifestyle
Unlike us, he probably hasn't been planning his fairy-tale wedding since the age of 5. But when it comes to love-life milestones, he's more observant and emotional than we might think.
As I read this article, it reminded me of a past relationship I had were the guy I was dating literally made everything we did for the first time a huge deal. Now, don't get me wrong that can be nice but it is hard for something to really stand out as that special day! Sorry, call me picky!
Anyhow, I guess men do recognise more than we think. "Take heart. Most guys aren't so clueless. It is true that the milestones we get really excited about tend to revolve around sex: the first make-out session, the first shower together, the first all-nude pancake breakfast. These are things we'll relive in each delicious detail throughout the relationship (and often beyond). But guys do think about other benchmark moments. Some they even anticipate with the same breathless excitement as that first night in bed. Well, almost."
Ok, so yes, most of it revolves around sexual things, but hey if that is how he remembers things....then so be it! LOL
The First Kiss - It is a huge thing to girls, and if a guy remembers it, it only melts the girls heart more! These things stand out to us guys, and hearing about how you remember it, will only score you points!!!
The First Road Trip - This is a big deal to girls because it is something you remembered doing with us, and not another girlfriend! LOL No really, it would mean you remembering that little 'ol run down cabin in the woods that had no running water, no heat, and an outhouse for a bathroom that we laughed about and didn't care because we were together trip! Anyhow, that is how us women would see it!! LOL
The First "I Love You" - BIG ONE GUYS!! If you remember this, you most definitely are getting some that night! LOL... what a huge deal it is to be told, "I Love You". And admit it guys... you like it too!
He First Realizes: She's Really Funny! - Who doesn't like to be thought of as fun or funny?? That first time doing something funny, and making the other laugh hysterically!
He Meets Her Friends - Friends are a big deal. You always need the ok approval from friends. If your other can't get a long with your friends, then there will be problems. Anyhow, remembering meeting the friends is a huge thing because those are people who are close to the heart and mean something ,and are people whom are comfortable to us. They mostly are representing who we are! Remembering meeting them is heart-warming!
She Gets That First Dresser Drawer - This is another HUGE one! Letting us have a place in your home, or vise versa. This to us is a huge step in a relationship, and it is meaning you are serious. Or we are serious. So for a guy to remember this to a girl, means you must be special to him!
The Wedding Vows - The good 'ol wedding day! Of course a guy should remember this. This is the first day of taking a huge step in life together....if you don't remember this one guys, you can count on NOT getting any !!!
The First Born - This I cannot see any guy forgetting! This is just probably one of the happiest days anyone could have! Especially the preparing for the little bundle of joy! The names being picked out, the decor of the room, clothing, gift registries, all of that leading up to one awesome baby that two people who are now parents themselves have new milestones to make and remember! And now the guy also has another person who needs him to remember them!!! ;o)
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