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article imageBush Would Veto New Iraq Bill

By Oliver VanDervoort     May 9, 2007 in Politics
In another sign that Bush is truly not willing to work with Dems, unless they do exactly as he says, the White House has said the President would veto a bill that could restrict funding.
Tony Snow announced to the White House press corp that should the House Democrats pass the new funding bill they are crafting, the President would veto it. Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, Snow said of the bill: "There are restrictions on funding and there are also some of the spending items that were mentioned in the first veto message that are still in the bill."
While the administration claims they want to "work out a deal" it's fairly obvious that a deal means a funding bill with no restrictions, and no withdrawal date. Essentially a deal means whatever is mandated by the White House is the only thing we will accept.
This wouldn't be nearly as galling if the White House didn't continue to act as though they are trying to be conciliatory and the Big Bad Democrats are being the hard headed bores.
Under the Democrats new plan, the bill would pay for the war through September, but half of the funds would be dependent on Bush reporting on goals and any breakthroughs accomplished in Iraq. Congress would then vote on whether or not to allow the rest of the funds to be released.
The Bush administration has long claimed they would be willing to work with Democrats, they have yet to act as though they have any interest in negotiating, or working with any Democrat outside of Zell Miller.
To Illustrate my point, I've included a video of what at least one Republican thinks makes up a compromise graciously provided by Crooks and
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