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article imagePortuguese Police Are Incompetent Says British Media In Finding Little Maddy Safe And Alive

By Michelle Duffy     May 9, 2007 in World
Now into day six of the hunt for the little three year old British girl in Portugal, questions are being asked as to why the Portuguese police were so slow in getting the hunt under way
Yet, the little girl's uncle, John McCann, who had flown to the Algarve to be with Madeleine's parents has shunned the British media for bad mouthing the police saying that no one is focusing on the real issue - to find the girl and bring her home.
This has added pressure on the family and friends back home of the little girl as all they see now is parties arguing with each other as to who is doing a better job. The first to fire accusations was the UK media who insulted the Portuguese police telling them they were incompetent.
A country wide hunt has been in continuous operations since the three year old, Madeleine from Leicestershire went missing from her parents holiday apartment in Praia da Luz six days ago.
Yet the hunt has been clouded, over the last 24 hours with flying accusations from the British media, calling the detectives leading the investigation out there as 'clueless.' Both Daily Mirror and The Express have pointed fingers at the police showing them to have a lack of experience in child abduction.
When Mr McCann was interviewed for the BBC Breakfast programme about the comments thrown by the media, he replied,
"I don't think that's a useful avenue to explore. I would rather take it forward in a different way and get people saying 'let's move on, what can we do now?'. And I think Gerry and Kate [Madeleine's parents] want us to focus like that as well."
The family have been overwhelmed with love and support from well wishers from all over the UK and Portugal. They feel positive now as child abduction specialists have since joined Maddy's parents out in the resort to guide them into finding her.
The uncle has praised his brother has his wife for the courage and determination they are showing in the hope of finding their daughter alive. He said,
"My brother's a fantastic guy, and Kate is a wonderful woman - they're great for coming up with positive ideas and they're mobilising contacts all over the place to get as much information and as many leads fed back."
Madeleine went missing last Thursday evening from her bed while her parents dined at a local restaurant. She had been wearing white pyjamas. Although the parents where checking on their children every half an hour, there has still been much criticism as to why the children were left alone in the apartment and not by their parents' sides.
Maddy was asleep in the room with twins, Sean and Amelie who are two years old when she was taken.
The British ambassador to Portugal, Mr John Buck, had defended the police search when the critical comments were brought to his attention. He produced a statement saying that the police were doing everything they could to bring the girl back alive. So far they have investigated 350 different sources of information and over 500 apartments have been carefully searched for clues, but no leads have been found to be secure.
Mr Buck added,
"This is, and must remain, a Portuguese police investigation. As you know, the Portuguese police operate under Portuguese law, and Portuguese law puts constraints on what they can say publicly and the information they can release."
It has been reported that the family of the missing child have received over 400 messages of love from 20 countries.
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