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article imageNot Your Typical Strange Craft Caught On Camera

By RobotGod     May 9, 2007 in World
The craft is almost completely silent and moves very smoothly. It usually moves slowly until it decides to take off. Then it moves VERY quickly and is out of sight in the blink of an eye. MORE THAN ANYTHING I simply want to understand what this is and why
So, this guy has regular encounters with this strange "craft" wherever it is that he lives.
I know. It's easy to photoshop stuff like this. But the design is very simple and interesting. I believe it could be a real craft. Probably from the government. My guess is that it is an array of some kind.
Which makes sense if you look at the design. And who wouldn't want a mobile array for a variety of uses. What they might be amplifying or picking up I have no clue.
Even the guys description of the sound it makes and the fact that they seem to be getting headaches would also suggest that this is some sort of mobile antenna.
He says that it moves like an insect on a pond. That sounds like it is riding a gravity wave.
Even if this is a fake, it is very fascinating and gets my mind working.
But I would suggest that somebody get ahold of this guy and get his location so we can see some satellite photos of the area.
Has anyone ever seen anything like this? More pics on the site.
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