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Who Allowed This Child To Play With A Cobra?

By Michelle Duffy     May 8, 2007 in World
This could well be the most disturbing thing you will see today, for the fact that there is probably a parent of this child present in this video.
A child is left to play with a Cobra, yes, a Cobra who is very obviously upset that a child has been allowed to play in it's space.
In the light of a recent UK story where four women, including the mother were sentenced after filming a two year old and a three year old, focing them to fight like dogs for entertainment. I felt the need to post this in order to try and find some sense behind why some parents do such things as this for 'entertainment' (and I use that word in it's loosest sense.)
Do the parents realise just how dangerous this situation is? What if the Cobra attack, and towards the end of the film, it looks as though it did, would the animal be put down, even though it was acting normally under threat? Of course it would, yet it is okay to allow a child, who was obviously put in front of the snake, to antagonise it? Is this the new parent entertainment?
What goes through your mind watching this piece of film?
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