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Israeli Motorists drove around dead body on road

By Chris V. Thangham     May 8, 2007 in World
In an Israel highway, cars and trucks drive around a dead body lying on the road.
More than two dozen Israeli motorists maneuvered around the dead body of a road accident victim lying in the middle of a busy intersection, failing to stop to help in an incident captured by a traffic camera.
Moshe Yisraeli was trying to squeeze his motorcycle between two trucks at a junction on a highway near Tel Aviv on Sunday. He was unable to make it and died as a result. The Camera captured his body lying near the centre of the four way intersection, his motorcycle lying some meters away from him and on its side.
The camera also showed a scene that will be talked about it a lot in Israel, the footage showed about 30 cars and trucks slowed down after seeing the body but no one stopped, they just went around him. This went on for nearly two minutes; finally another Israeli driver stopped the vehicle and approached the body. This footage was broadcast by Israeli television stations on Monday and in a series of photographs on newspaper front pages.
After the bystander inspected, an ambulance was called and found Mr. Yisraeli dead at the scene of accident.
It seems that Israelis usually have a reputation to rush at the scene of accident or whenever a bombing takes place to help the victims. So many Israelis after seeing this footage wonder whether the society is turning to be an uncaring one.
"It's hard for me to think that no one helped him. I prefer to believe that people were in shock and didn't understand what had happened," Yisraeli's daughter, Tali, told reporters.
This kind of situation is happening worldwide, everybody is becoming busy for everybody, in this case, the traffic should have helped, it would have taken only a minute or two and move the body to the side of the road until the Police or ambulance comes.
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