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Charged With Child Pornography and Still No Trial For R. Kelly

By patxxoo     May 7, 2007 in Crime
I know the courts can be slow but 5 years and still no trial date. There is something wrong with this scenario.
R. Kelly born Robert Sylvester Kelly charged in 2002 for child pornography has yet to brought to trial.
A tape was released supposedly showing Kelly and an underage girl that was believed to be aged 13 at the time. It is unclear how or who leaked the tape to the media that was also then bootlegged by many.
Kelly has plead not guilty to the charges and maintains he is innocent. After the plea the trial should have commenced in a somewhat timely manner but
the trial has been delayed by the judge falling from a ladder while at home and sustaining multiple fractures. Then when he was well Kelly had an emergency operation for an appendix that burst.
Odd but true occurrences that could happen to anybody. But it does not take five years? So why the delay?
Beyond health issues, at first it was due to the time frame they were looking at being a period of 51 months that Kelly's attorney said was impossible to prepare a defence for. So the prosecutors narrowed the time they were looking at to between Jan. 1998 and October 2000.
Also Kelly's lawyer Mr. Ed Genson is in high demand and is currently representing others in high profile cases.
While this has been dragging on Kelly has been busy releasing 6 albums and writing songs such as "Rise Up" a song relating to healing in which the net proceeds will go to a memorial fund for victims' from the Virginia Tech shootings.
So we are left to wonder just when this will go to court. And is the delay just to dull memories of what he is accused of? An average person with these types of charges would not still be on the streets making millions.
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