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article imageMysterious Sea-Lily Organism Video-taped Running Across Sea Floor

By Chris V. Thangham     May 7, 2007 in Environment
Researchers record mysterious sea lily running across the sea floor.
Researchers viewing the sea floor in a submersible near Grand Bahamas saw and recorded a strange creature called Crinoids.
The Crinoids are a relative of starfish, they are scarce in the seas and so far there has been no clear information about these strange Crinoids. They are called by common names “Sea lilies” or “Feather Stars”.
The Crinoids have a small mouth part and large feeding arms with a stem that connects to the sea bed. They were also known to move, which they do that to avoid predators such as sea urchins. Only problem they don’t move fast enough, their previous recorded speed was 0.6 meters per hour.
The researchers however found these Crinoids to move at a faster pace than this and here you can see the image above how they move quickly.
And this image below shows them in their normal posture when their prey is not around.
Sea-lily or feather-star, neocrinus decorus, in normal feeding posture.
To see them in an actual video click this link here, the quality is not good but you can still see how the Crinoids move in the sea bed floor.
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