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article imageLife in prison for HIV-positive pedophile

By Brandigal (Donna)     May 7, 2007 in Crime
An HIV-positive Dallas man who secretly videotaped sexual encounters with 131 young men has been sentenced to life in prison for attempting to entice a 15-year-old boy to engage in sex acts.
Willie Atkins has been sentenced to life in prison for trying to get a 15 year old boy to engage in sex acts with him.
Enticing a minor is punishable by up to ten years in prison, but because he had other felony convictions in the past for firearms possession and aggravated assault, so this meant he could be sentenced to life, which he was.
Atkins knew he was HIV positive and he rarely used a condom when he had sex with dozens of partners.
He did not disclose to his partners about his condition.
He would get men to his apartment by offering them jobs at his landscaping business. The police found 90 hours of sexually explicit videotape at his apartment that involved numerous men but the police had problems identifying the men.
His lawyer, Richard Franklin said “They want to say Willie Atkins gave all these people AIDS, spread HIV all over the place,” “They can’t be living in some parallel universe where they’ve never heard of AIDS. It can’t be his fault alone, if he has any fault at all.”
The “dangerous activity” each side engaged in “cancels each other out,”
I am glad finally a judge got it right. I must admit I do agree with his lawyer on one point. Whoever he was having sex with, in this day and age you would think they would insist on a condom. To have unprotected sex with someone that you hardly know is just like playing Russian roulette.
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