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article imageAlexa Puts Nail in Statsaholic Coffin?

By Chris V. Thangham     May 7, 2007 in Internet
Alexa embeds ads in Statsaholic's statistics and limiting its use in the number of sites it can compare at any one time.
Alexa, the not-always-entirely-accurate web metrics company owned by Amazon, has not always been kind to what they perceive to be their competition; all one has to do is remember Amazon’s recent lawsuit against Statsaholic.
Statsaholic only problem was trying to improve Alexa’s open code service to another level. Statsaholic gives a brilliant statistical comparison of different sites in a few clicks. Statsaholic used a few ads to support that site, no where near what was Amazon’s Alexa was making on its own. First Alexa blocked Statsaholic from using its services, then they copied blatantly Statsaholic design into their system and then they filed a lawsuit against Statsaholic for using Alexa’s codes and commercializing it. says: This can be viewed as another attempt to destroy Statsaholic, but it can also be an attempt to do something much more reasonable.
As if this were not enough, now Alexa is compelling its users to put their ad codes wherever they want to post these graphs. So, if Statsaholic wants to show these graphs in their sites, the user will see Alexa’s ads embedded via AdBrite’s Britepic Technology. The user will see a flash version of the actual image of the graph. This will be implemented very soon. One such image is shown below.
With the new Alexa widget, the user can only display three sites at a time compared to the five sites they had before. Because of this Statsaholic will be forced to display ads and also have a limited version of graph comparison feature. Also, if you visit for statistics and graph, you will see lot of banner ads, they are trying to generate as much cash out of their service.
It is another big bully episode and not allowing free development in the web. Statsaholic should no longer rely on Alexa; they should use other similar services in the web.
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