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article imageEco-Extremist calls for the harsh deflation of Earth's population to 1 billion

By bobSP     May 6, 2007 in World
Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has recently called the Human race a 'virus' and said that it needs to be reduced to local populations of no more than 20,000 people... with a grand total of (no more than) 1 billion worldwide.
The man who is the creator of such gems as "Humans are the AIDs of the Earth," is at it again. Now he's calling for the world to "radically and intelligently" lower the population of the Earth by some 6 billion lives.
The man--seemingly the child of Malthusian thought, Townsend's rhetoric, and Victorian 'liberalism' all rolled into one--hasn't said what exact would be the 'radical' change needed to lower (read: kill) over 6 billion people, but I'd be willing to bet it involves the good ol' idea of the 'enlightenment' era thinking: remove all aid/food to starving peoples around the world and let 'nature' take it's course.
Watson didn't stop at humans, mans' best friends were targeted by his rhetoric as well: domesticated cats and dogs need to be reduced (again, killed) to make way for the 're-wilding' of the world.
While many people (myself included) understand the we (humans) are abusing the planet and things must change, murdering billions of people and reducing or technology to the level of, as Watson puts it, "the Mennonites" just don't seem like sound (or sane) answers to the problem. Whatever happened to reduce, reuse, recycle? Watson's plan seems like reduce, reduce, reduce.
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