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article imageT. Rex ate Coconuts says Creation Museum

By Chris V. Thangham     May 6, 2007 in Politics
Creation Museum says T-Rex used to eat coconuts and used to live at the same time as Adam and Eve.
A Creation Museum was built in Petersburg, Kentucky at a cost of $25 Million dollars. It has a 20ft waterfall and in its base children can play amongst the dinosaurs. It also shows a number of ancient people overshadowed by a giant T-Rex, Adam and Eve swimming in a river with the giant reptiles and creatures, and even a scale model of Noah’s Ark.
In this Noah’s Ark, it shows Noah taking baby dinosaurs not the giant ones, to solve the problem by fitting them into this ship. Also, it shows how dinosaurs are friendly with other animals such as giraffes, penguins, hippos and bears.
There is a museum guide tells visitors that before Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, all the dinosaurs were peaceful plant-eaters. The guide says that in Genesis 1:30 God gives “green herb” to every creature to eat and so there are no predators. But when a museum visitor asked why “T-Rex has six inch long serrated teeth”, the guide tells them that dinosaurs use it to open the tough outer layer of the coconuts. The dinosaurs started eating flesh only after Adam and Eve sinned and was cast out of paradise.
Sarda Sahney of Scientific Blogging gives a final opinion: I think the people who built this museum are smoking a bit too much ‘green herb’.
Why would they spend $25 million dollars to create a museum that is going to be a laughing stock? There are no records available that man and dinosaurs coexisted together. They could have used this money to educate themselves and others.
Do you believe in this Creation museum’s explanation of Dinosaurs eating coconuts?
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