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Mother Starved Stepdaughters

By patxxoo     May 6, 2007 in Crime
The two little girls ages 6 and 7 were found by social worker in the family basement.
In Wichita KS. the school these two little girls were gong to contacted the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services 10 months prior to them being found in the basement and nothing was done at that time.
Jennifer Wood who is the stepmother of these girls is also a mother to two other children a 4-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy who were found to be well taken care of. Healthy and well fed.
While they were living in a home that apparently had plenty. A kitchen that was stocked very well with groceries. Food and liquids were deliberately withheld from them until they were dehydrated and starving. Found in a basement, where it is not clear yet if they were continuously forced to stay, by a social worker these children were finally taken from the home by the authorities.
Jennifer Wood's trial was to start this next week but she pled guilty Wednesday to one count of aggravated battery and abuse charges. Her sentencing will be sometime this next month.
The father Alex Wood has also been charged and his trial will start May 14 so far he has not given any pleas. At this time it is unclear what all he is being charged with.
And once again fingers are being pointed at the local-child protective services office. Several people in the local office of the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services were disciplined.
With family dynamics so changing in the world today at a fast and furious rate there are children being abused by the adults that are supposed to be caring and loving to them.
Mixed families are a beautiful experience for some but for others it allows them to show the worst side of humanity.
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