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Thailand: We’re Suing YouTube

By Chris V. Thangham     May 5, 2007 in World
Thai Government says it will sue YouTube for the offensive clips of the Thai King.
When YouTube isn’t getting on the nerves of Viacom and the English Premier League, it’s busy offending entire countries. Like the Thai government, which says it will sue the video-sharing site next week.
YouTube was banned in Thailand because of an offensive clip ridiculed the “Thai King”, which was nothing compared to what they have on Bush, Blair and others. But that clip was sufficient enough for them to ban it in Thailand by the Government. Even who reported about the news was banned by some large Thai ISP’s.
The situation was resolved to some degree when YouTube said it will remove the offensive clips.
Today, it has gone worse the Thai Governments sues YouTube in Thailand. Sitthichai Phokai-udom, the ministry of information and communications technology, told the Associated Press that they will sue YouTube in the Thailand Courts next week on charges of insulting the monarchy. He said: “Thailand is a fairly small country and not the economic or military powerhouse, so we are at the mercy of the greedy businessman in America”. says how can a Thai Government sue a person who doesn’t did this from Thailand and doesn’t live in Thailand? They are not breaking the law in Thailand.
One Swiss man who lived in Thailand was jailed for 10 years for defacing Thai King’s image. He was drunk at that time. The punishment against YouTube will be more of the same maybe large sums of payment.
I think Thailand is getting overboard, they seem to enjoy if YouTube shows clips of Bush and others but when it comes to their own they are getting antsy. Google will fight this and even if they try to settle with Thailand, the Thai government will make unreasonable demands for sure. The case will be in Thailand, does anyone have a chance to win the case against the Government?
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