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Nebraska Cow Births 6-Legged Calf

By wiccania     May 4, 2007 in Environment
1 calf on a Nebraska farm romps in the fields with 2 extra legs, among other things.
A veterinary specialist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln [David Smith] says that it's likely the calf is the product of two embryos, meant to be fraternal twins, fusing in the womb. That would account for the fact that it was born with two extra legs and organs for both sexes
Just a few days old, he romps about just like any other calf. The extra appendages don't seem to affect the animals mobility, neither of them reach the ground.
The calf was born Sunday, and had to undergo surgery to supply a rectum. This is pretty rare, and calves born like this tend not to live long as a result of internal problems.
This is just one of those stories that you have to read a few times before you grasp it completely. Fortunately, in the case of cattle, the other animals don't tend to attack the "freak."
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