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Oh Yes! Right there! Yes! Yes!

By Leah     May 4, 2007 in Lifestyle
Ok, so who hasn't done it? The 'ol faking an orgasm. You know who you are. Next time you go to yell: "Yes, yes, yes," stop and think about how to actually get the real thing.
Here it sex report of the week! Or is this number 2? 3? Oh who cares, you people love them.
So, the 'ol faking an orgasm, we are all guilty of it. Anyone who says they never have, you are not being real with yourself. Why is it we feel the need to make the other think they are doing it right? Don't want to hurt their feelings? Well, what about ours? Do they care they aren't getting "us" off? Maybe they don't know their not because we are protecting their feelings in "faking it."
"Faking it" only give the other the impression they are hitting all the right spots. You can't have that! The other person needs to know what makes you feel good. Maybe a night of exploring can help!
According to this article, "Even with the most skilled lover, the majority of women do not climax every time they have sex. It's not usually anything to worry about, everyone gets tired, nervous or stressed now and again, and drugs or alcohol can have a numbing effect."
I have always wondered why when drinking, guys and girls become more sexual. Most can control their drinking and have a great sex night, others get so sloppy drunk, it just turns out to be a horrible sex night! Ever had someone pass out on ya? Or did you do it to someone? LOL That's gotta hurt the ego, cause then you start thinking you suck in bed.
And yes ladies, men fake it too!!! " They do it because they're drunk and desensitised, nervous or stressed, or to cover up for losing an erection. They worry that women will get paranoid and upset if the man can't orgasm, assuming that he doesn't find them attractive, or is being unfaithful."
I guess they do worry about our feelings! LOL ( just jokin' guys)
Alright, here are the physical signs a woman has reached her moment:
Stage one: The inner two thirds of her vagina swells and becomes darker during arousal, and her clitoris becomes more erect.
Stage two: Her nipples become erect, breasts more sensitive to touch.
Stage three: Her body demands more oxygen as she becomes aroused, which means her breathing rate quickens.
Stage four: Blood pressure rises as her climax approaches. Watch out for a pinking in the cheeks, neck and chest.
Stage five: The orgasm itself is marked by rhythmic muscle contractions in the outer third of the vagina and also the anus. The first few contractions are the strongest, and kick in every few seconds.
And the guys.....
Stage one: Male arousal can kick in through physical or mental stimulation - from a snog, to a saucy video, a ride on the bus or idle thoughts. In fact, pretty much anything. Physically, look for an increased heart rate, hardening of the nipples, the beginning of an erection, swelling testicles and the same 'sex flush' found in women (chest, neck, cheeks);
Stage two: Known as 'the plateau' stage, this is where a guy can either calm down and carry on with whatever he was doing, or he can go the distance. At this point, his scrotum is pulled up tight against his body and his erection is up to speed. Lubricating droplets of pre-ejaculatory fluid (or precum) may appear from the tip of his penis (this can contain sperm/sti's, however, so be sure to roll on that condom before this stage);
Stage three: Ejaculation. His breathing quickens, the moment of ejaculation seems unstoppable, yes, yes, which is when the pelvic muscles begin to contract, the testicles tighten even more, oh God, and semen shoots out of the penis. Ahhh. Male orgasm and ejaculation are closely linked, but one does not always happen with the other;
Stage four: Pizza, cigarette, sleep or death. Post ejaculation, the male body returns to an unaroused state comparatively quickly (light years compared to women). The penis softens within minutes, and breathing/heart rate returns to normal. If he's expected to perform again you may have to wait a while - this is known as the refractory period, and can last anything between minutes and hours. they help, or do they destroy a sex life that "could be" amazing?! Determine it for yourself.
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