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Fearless Ex Cop Turned Mayor Wins Second Term

By Michelle Duffy     May 4, 2007 in Politics
The former policeman turned local hero has won a second term as mayor of Middlesborough in the UK local elections yesterday
Mr Ray Mallon is the ex police officer that every troubled town should have. The friendly but firm mayor has proved himself to be a man who has made a giant difference for the town and it's crime rate.
Mr Mallon, locally dubbed 'Robocop' earned the name after his crime policy for the Teeside town was 'zero tolerance.' On the first count last night of the local votes, he won by an impressive 58.5%, allowing him to sail back into his robes.
The popular mayor who has been behind making Teeside a safer place to be yet again, stood independently in the elections and it paid off. The policy he used to represent himself was his 'mandate to push through a pro-youth agenda.'
As a whole, it was a country wide victory for the Conservative party last night, as the took over many of the Labours seats in scattered authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. For Teeside, however, it was a victory for Labour as they gained control over the area. A success for Labour, albeit a small one.
As expected many of the votes will ot be finished being counted until afternoon today. There was bigger postal vote count for the first time in an election, meaning many of these votes had come in late. There were also 12 areas taking part in the piloted electronic system. A technical glitch in the software for counting votes other than the ones collected at the Polling Stations around the country, meant that a number of other votes haven't been counted yet.
Much of the North west and east coast will not be counted until this morning.
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