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article imageVerizon: That'll Be $2 For Not Making Long Distance Calls, Please

By RobotGod     May 3, 2007 in Business
Verizon has a special new fee for you if you don't sign up for a long distance calling plan. $2 for not making long distance calls.
The new $2 fee is charged when a customer with a no-frills calling plan doesn't make more than $2 worth of calls in a given month.
Do these companies not even pretend to give a flying turd anymore??
Apparently there is one way to stop these charges. Get this. You simply need to pay Verizon to have them shut off your long distance.
[North Carolina] State regulators require phone companies to provide basic local-phone service. The phone companies have to give customers a way out of the new monthly fee -- but they will charge another fee to eliminate the first fee. For instance, if Bius pays a $6.75 charge to have his long-distance access disconnected, Verizon will end the monthly $2 fee, but block his outgoing long-distance calls.
If that were me, I would have told them in no uncertain terms where they could shove their fee. These companies are ridiculous. They do not even pretend to care about their customers one bit.
The bigger the name the company has, the less they feel the need to even play fair. The consumer has less and less chance of getting good service at a fair price.
Muse says F--- Verizon and commands you to cancel any services you currently have on his whim alone.
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