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article imageA Look At Google's "Evil" Non Disclosre Agreement

By malan     May 3, 2007 in Business
Google's motto is "Don't Be Evil" but after their non-disclosure agreement for new employees was posted on the internet by a prospective new hire... you have to wonder if Google is really an evil empire.
I was reading Slashdot today and came across an article about Google's non-disclosure agreement that has to be signed by anyone interviewing or being hired as a new employee at the company.
Web author C. Scott Ananian has posted details about his experience so far with Google as he attempts to gain employment with them. His article was posted yesterday and his interview was scheduled for today.
Google gave him an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that he was required to sign before even coming in for the first interview. In an effort to share with the world some of what it is like to deal with the behemoth search engine company, he has posted snippets from the NDA on his website (posting the entire NDA would definitely violate the document itself).
Update: It appears that has posted the entire NDA for anyone that is interested in reading it in it's entirety.
In the document it says that after you deal with Google in any way you cannot 'mention or imply the name of Google' in public ever again. Also, you cannot tell anyone you were interviewed there or what their offer was to you... aaaand you sign away your rights to EVER reverse engineer any of Google's code.
Sounds pretty scary right? Well it goes on to state that this NDA will remain in effect until all of Google's confidential knowledge is made public (which will never happen) meaning that if you interview with Google you are basically banned from ever speaking the company name in public, speaking about your interview to anyone or ever playing with Google's code for the rest of your life.
"This Agreement shall remain in effect until such time as all Confidential Information of Google disclosed hereunder becomes publicly known and made generally available through no action or inaction of Participant."
I understand that companies have to protect their secrets and it's scary for them to have employees running around with internal knowledge of their process and infrastructure but forbidding people of ever speaking about interview details and signing away the right to reverse code for all eternity is kind of ridiculous.
I'm glad that C. Scott posted this while he was still able to, because after his interview today (Thursday) he will no longer be able to speak about his experience with Google in any way, shape or form without facing legal action.. amazing.
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