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Fishermen miss lobster catch deer instead

By patxxoo     May 3, 2007 in Entertainment
Instead of bringing in the lobster they bring in the deer.
About half a mile out to sea while going to check their lobster pots Chris Earl and Tony Allsopp, Cornish fishermen ran into something a little unique.
There floating in the water was what they first assumed was a log.
Well, that is until the log sprouted a leg or two and started swimming. Realizing it was a deer they brought the boat up along side of it lassoed the poor animal and hauled it aboard by its antlers.
It was a good thing that the deer was only the size of a large dog because Tony ended up having to sit on it all the way back to the port.
Once they get the critter back to shore they stuffed it into Chris's van and contacted the RSPCA who took it out to a wooded area and released it.
Deers are considered to be decent swimmers, but they think this one fell into the sea somehow.
They definitely won the catch of the day award.
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