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23 Million Shoplifters in the United States steal $13 billion Every Year

By Janice Ambrose     May 2, 2007 in Crime
Shoplifters' steal from nearly every type of store there is, from thrift shops to supermarkets to department stores. Every shop is vulnerable to a shoplifters' sticky fingers!
The, National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, (NASP) estimates there are 23 million shoplifters in the United States. That is one person in every eleven people.
According to Peter Berlin, founder of NASP, most shoplifters steal "to get something for nothing," and not because they are needy or greedy. To most non-professional shoplifters, 'getting something for nothing,' is like giving themselves a 'gift' or 'reward,' which in turn, gives them a 'lift.' There are other reasons for shoplifting too, such as, 'just to get through the day or week.' Others shoplift as a substitute for a loss, such as divorce or lost job. It could be a relief mechanism, anxiety, boredom or even depression. And some do it to get, "high."
75% of shoplifters are adults, of which 55% of them started shoplifting in their teens. They are broken into two types - amateurs and professionals. Professional shoplifters make a living from their "addiction/hobby."
Peter Berlin, also states that routine shoplifters say they are caught an average of once in every 48 times they steal.
If you or someone you love has a problem with shoplifting, there are support groups out there that can help, such as Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous (CASA). Support groups are available nationwide and online.
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