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article imageBigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP

By RobotGod     May 2, 2007 in World
Bigfoot, the legendary hairy man-like beast said to roam the wildernesses of North America, is not shy, merely so rare it risks extinction and should be protected as an endangered species.
Hooray for someone stepping up to the plate and tackling this topic. Bigfoot needs to be on the endangered species list.
Canadian MP Mike Lake is calling for Bigfoot to be protected under Canada's species at risk act.
"The debate over their (Bigfoot's) existence is moot in the circumstance of their tenuous hold on merely existing," reads a petition presented by Lake to parliament in March and due to be discussed next week.
"Therefore, the petitioners request the House of Commons to establish immediate, comprehensive legislation to affect immediate protection of Bigfoot," says the petition signed by almost 500 of Lake's constituents in Edmonton, Alberta.
They say that a similar appeal has also been made to the U.S. congress. Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing, the man who got the petition going, claims to have proof of its existence, and also says that he fears for its safety. He says that when they are protected, he will show his evidence.
I doubt he has any, but I am glad to see that he like a few other researchers are trying hard to keep the creatures safe.
As I have stated before, I know that they exist firsthand. I've seen one. I don't think man has much to fear from them, but there is always the chance that some redneck with a rifle will hurt one out of fear.
It will be interesting to see where this goes.
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