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Breaking News: High Level British Petroleum Executive Resigns Amidst Gay Scandal

By malan     May 1, 2007 in World
A top level executive at British Petroleum lost a court battle today that will allow a British newspaper to print their story on his intimate relationship with another man. This article will explode tomorrow.
BP is one of the worlds largest petroleum companies and possibly the largest in Europe. Today, it was announced on NPR that a high level executive has resigned after news of his homosexuality will be released by a British newspaper tomorrow.
He says he is resigning to ensure that his private life does not hurt the company that he worked so hard for.
The high level executive has had the story locked in the courts in an attempt to keep it from coming out but while under oath he was caught lying about how he met his male lover. He claimed that they met while exercising in a local park but that turned out not to be true. After he was caught lying the judge decided to allow the newspaper to print the story, set to hit news stands tomorrow morning.
It is currently being rumored that he did favors for his male lover including buying him expensive clothing in British Prada stores so that he could 'fit in' amongst the executives peers at the company and in his personal life.
The executive has already been replaced and stock prices are said to be holding strong. More news as it happens. I can't link this to any certain source because it has not been released online yet.
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